Photo Courtesy: aremmm

story of my life.


Photo Courtesy: aremmm

story of my life.

Life can take you to many unexpected places…there is no guarantee on it being good or bad but in the end we have to remember that things happen for a reason

Life has taken me to a bittersweet moment. It just feels so right, and I really dont know how to explain it. Apt hunting, eating out, making silly comments to each other, listening to music we both love, and just enjoying each others company in the freezing cold.

Moments like these are cherishes within my heart forever.

I am so proud of him. It makes me happy and proud to say it.


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Today, I feel as if I have been blessed to have come this far. These last couple of months have been really hard on me but I have pulled through. I have learned a lot, and feel as if I’ve been there and done that. Life is full of so many unexpected roller coasters, some have no ending, and it is up to us to seek that ending..good or bad. Finals week is coming up, I need to focus and it is my goal to do good this quarter. Wish me luck guys. I will be back soon.

To that special someone, this weekend I have missed you very much, I dont know why this week was different but it meant more to me oddly. I miss you very much, I think about you everyday, wishing that you could be right by my side but its okay; because we both are getting our paths directed the correct way. You have come very far from where you were and I am so proud of you. I would not change anything if I had to go back and redo these past few months. These few months were amazing and I hope for more to come. I would love to spend my forever with you. Because without you there is no forever.


-compassion without dogmatism


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sad and empty. hoping for a happy ending. but out of all this, i have met a wonderful couple who i admire so much. thanks to them, my head is in perspective..without them my head would probably still be spinning like a wheel.

Although i am sad, things happen for a reason and if things come back then we will tackle it then

for now, you do you and i’ll do the end if we end up together than it will surely be something special. <3 (got this from t. louie)

Missing those carefree days when reality never set in. loving the late nights and early mornings full of laughter and love with the greatest people. people change, life takes us through places we have never been before but in the end we find our place.

What happen to those days? days where there was nothing to do but eat, sleep, and drink. now reality has soon set in…money, school, grades are all incorporated into one huge factor. screw one up, and everything takes a tumble.

I feel as if i have lost myself, slowly trying to regain my strength once again. i feel as if there is a huge threshold holding me down, but i cant let go because i have given my word. i have given my word on waiting patiently, on being there for him always, and never asking for more…what shall i do? i ask myself this question each and everyday…what shall i do?

like i once heard…hate is love and love is hate…and like Christian Audigier says, “Love kills slowly”

my heart longs for the moment when you can love me, hold me, and kiss me like there is no tomorrow…


only if this was the original song…:)